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Emma Tribe

Emma Tribe

Hello, welcome to my page. I am a current undergraduate student studying physics at uni and when I’m not studying hard I’m usually cooking and baking recipes in my student kitchen. As a student I know how far a student loan will stretch and that sometimes¬†improvisation¬†is the key to making good food from a student budget.

I also believe that a student kitchen shouldn’t be one that you simply heat ready meals in. I have learnt so much from housemates and experimenting with cooking on my own, so I decided to share that knowledge with other students.

In these videos and recipes, you’ll get my best recipes and occasionally, I’ll have guest chefs who’ll give you their own tips.

I’m using my Dad’s business address as I couldn’t get this working with out one, but if you do have any comments then it’s best to email me at student kitchen.

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