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The student dinner party

How does a student do a dinner party? Sainsbury’s basics vodka and a big sharing bag of crisps may be what immediately jumps to mind. However there are other options that aren’t expensive, are tasty and on a budget!

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Cottage Pie

Cottage pie is classic of home cooking this minced beef pie with a mash top is a great dish for sharing.  My cottage pie has a couple of student friendly twists to get the most of you meat and a … Continue reading

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Chocolate fudge studded with cranberries

You can find this recipe on the back of tins of condensed milk, it makes really good fudge! It’s even better if you add cranberries; they add a little tartness to the fudge pieces. If you are using milk chocolate … Continue reading

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Tomato and Parsnip soup

This tomato and parsnip soup is spicy and warming as a winter soup for one, it’s easy to make and cheap so double up the quantities and keep a portion in the fridge for the next day.

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