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I’m Emma Tribe and I’d like to share with you my recipe book to help you make delicious student recipes!

A students kitchen shouldn’t be about surviving on baked beans, take away’s and ready meals, if you are leaving home for the first time then now is perfect for learning how to be a better cook. With easy to follow recipes that produce amazing results I can show you how to make, bake and cook yourself better food. This site isn’t just for students the great recipes lend themselves to any kitchen!

Put your name and E-mail into the box on the side and I can show you in the first few pages how to make these exclusive tasty flapjacks.

The recipes are easy to follow and:

  • Exceptionally tasty and will get snaffled up by all your friends. Get’s them coming back for more.
  • Minimal effort and easy to get right. Just chuck in a pan or in the oven. You could do it in your sleep!
  • Always tastes exceedingly good, even if you have to improvise a few ingredients
  • Your delicious meals and cakes will make you the most popular student in halls
Watch out for your second E-mail which will tell you how to make a delicious and easy to make lasagna that can be done in 30 minutes!

Good luck with baking these student recipes.

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